Venice-Lido Aeroporto Nicelli (LIPV)

Situated on the eastern end of Lido, Aeroporto Nicelli is the original airport of Venice dating back to World War I. Today it offers a grass runway for general aviation operations, as well as a 1930s terminal true to the original designs and a restaurant.

Interior of the Lido Nicelli airport, with nifty lights and aircraft paintings hanging above the main waiting area

It served as a base for fighters in WWI, as well as for sea planes in its early days. Eventually the concrete runway was removed and today it operates as a grass field.

The terminal presents a snapshot of history, including an old route map on the wall that is true to the version painted in the original construction.

A map of the routes available from Lido-Venice Nicelli Airport in the 30s, refreshed today

It also offers a small viewing area outside for watching planes come and go.

The grass runway at Venice-Lido Nicelli Airport can support a wide variety of general aviation prop planes, including PC-12s (not pictured here) that show up from time to time.

The restaurant similarly offers indoor and outdoor dining options.

Helitours of Venice are available from the terminal if you've got the cash to spare.

Funky interior design to match the style of the terminal at Lido Nicelli Airport in Venice
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